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Dear Players and Parents,

 I would like to share some very exciting news with you! It was 13 years ago we launched our youth soccer club here in Texas. For those 13 years, we proudly represented and helped build Liverpool FC International Academy here in Texas and throughout the United States. We want to thank LFC for the incredible opportunity and wish the club all the best.

Exciting News-BVB: Beginning on May 1, 2019, our club will officially launch as the United States partner of the Borussia Dortmund (BVB) Academy. 

Why the change? It came down to the fact that our agreement with LFC IA was coming up for renewal in 2020, which meant we had a decision to make. The new agreement came with new constraints placed on us that we felt would not benefit our club, our players or our families. Liverpool asked us to renew and remain a part of Liverpool.

Timing is everything and at the very same time we were discussing the conditions of the LFC renewal, our friends at PUMA presented us with a tremendous opportunity - a chance to launch the United States-based BVB International Academy.  With national support, marketing and two iconic brands behind us, we felt the opportunities were going to be extraordinary for our families. BVB and PUMA side by side supporting our Texas club was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Although Liverpool wanted us to remain, after careful consideration and meeting with BVB and PUMA officials, our path was clear.  As a result, we notified LFC we would not be renewing our contract with them and our departure is very amicable and professional. As you know, Liverpool and BVB have a long history together and have developed tremendous mutual affection and respect.  Liverpool understood our decision and wished us success.

More on the exciting news about BVB:  Our Club will be the official partner of Borussia Dortmund (BVB) here in Texas. We will proudly represent their long-standing brand of excellence on and off the field. BVB has written the manual on youth player development and is recognized around the world as a leader in designing player development pathways. They have chosen our club to launch their International Academy here in the United States and we are honored to accept that invitation. They want to focus 100% on player development and quality of play. Borussia Dortmund, Puma and BVB International Academy America plan to grow the national footprint here with clubs from around the country supporting our College Program outreach, our opportunities to participate in elite leagues and player identification across the United States. 

What are the benefits of the BVB affiliation? As their official partner here in Texas, we will be working closely with the BVB academy staff to insure implementation of the world-respected BVB style of player development. In addition, our coaches will now be exposed and immersed into the BVB methodology of coaching education and development with coaching education and future accreditation programs. Monthly technical calls for our coaching staff, in-country official player ID camps, detailed coaching education, opportunities for teams and coaches to train in Germany at the famed BVB Academy, BVB Academy coaches travelling regularly to America to work with our staff and players and the overall sharing of information and best practices will be 100% real and 100% authentic. 

What are the benefits of a PUMA relationship? We are equally excited to announce a long-term partnership with PUMA as our official uniform and sponsor. PUMA, long recognized throughout the world as “The Football Brand”, will now be providing us with not only uniforms and other apparel opportunities but will also be playing an integral role in overall support of our club, our coaches, our players and our families. PUMA is committed to supporting the growth of our club through grassroots marketing and bringing the full measure of PUMA’S global resources to help us achieve our mutual goals. As a major sponsor of national collegiate showcases here in America, such as Disney, and many showcases across the country we are excited for the opportunities this partnership will open for our players. 

In addition, PUMA recently announced a major sponsorship of BOYS ECNL of which our club is an inaugural member. 

What does this mean for our culture? As for the core of our club, the people and all that has made us who we are, that remains and is still our soul.  The ownership, operations and fiscal well-being will all continue building, on the success of the last thirteen years.  We are and will always be a club of character, rooted in quality with deep respect for our traditions and excited to make new ones. It is the strong tradition and character of our club and our people that attracted BVB to offer this exciting opportunity- a chance to be recognized around the nation as the inaugural BVB International Academy youth soccer program in the United States.  

You will be a part of the same great soccer organization, supported by a legendary professional soccer club recognized as a champion around the world. This now gives us the opportunity for our club and its players to increase our visibility at all levels within the game. 

Even Positive Change Challenges Us. All of us are challenged by change because it forces us out of our comfort zones, to set new personal goals for ourselves. But without change, things never expand and evolve. There may be a few in our organization who have difficulty accepting this exciting change, no matter how much opportunity it provides. Experience tells us there may also be competitors in other clubs which will try to capitalize on our success. Nothing they do will diminish all that we have achieved to bring us to this point in our nationally-recognized club. We will continue to expand, and we will live up to our reputation as an organization with a strong positive culture and core. To bring BVB to American youth soccer will be fun, exciting and fulfilling. We know you will want to be a part of it all. Don’t let anyone discourage change, opportunities and a chance to evolve. We are making this change to improve and grow our club. It has been carefully conceived, implemented and managed so we can continue to get better together. There is no stopping us and the sky is the limit. 

Want more information? As a part of this announcement please find some general information about Borussia Dortmund (BVB) and PUMA below. We are excited and looking forward to making “new” history together and invite you to reach out to your coach about BVB and this transition. Our Texas club will be a leader in the United States, and we have already been approached by clubs just like ours who want to join with us as a part of BVB International Academy America. The potential is unlimited and will benefit our players, coaches and organization immediately and as we grow into the future.

For any questions please reach out to 

Scott Ward at  or 

Greg Palmer at

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing everyone at tryouts! We expect to see many new faces and welcome back our family of teams for a great year ahead!

Thank you,

Peter Brody